Market Research and Analysis

Every decision maker is challenged to make decisions based on a limited amount of information. Market research is a tool that should be used to increase decision-making certainty and provide a better understanding of the potential impact of a decision. Praxis’ expertise in this area encompasses aspects from research design, sample generation and data collection methods, to data management services and statistical analysis. Praxis strives to uphold the quality and integrity of the data collected, providing consumable analysis to improve client decision-making. Praxis respects the privacy and confidentiality of their respondents to the utmost degree.

Economic Impact Assessment

In an environment characterized by imperfect information, the accurate identification economic impacts can be crucial. Praxis utilizes a unique economic forecasting model that is designed to focus on economic development and investment attraction opportunities emerging within a set strategically selected area. By using this model, Praxis is able to provide invaluable data and actionable insight into economic impacts such job creation and potential business activities.

Jurisdictional and Best Practice Research

When reviewing business processes and practices, a fundamental understanding of how similar organizations achieve their outcomes is paramount. This type of research can be time consuming for numerous reasons. Praxis has a wealth of experience in jurisdictional and best practice research and understands the value of paring down a large amount of data to concise and organizationally-relevant best practices.

Independent Third Party Objective Information Gathering and Analysis

Unbiased information is crucial to making informed decisions, especially those that will be scrutinized by stakeholders. Praxis is a consulting and research firm that prides itself on its reputation for apolitical, independent and objective third party research and analysis. The Regina Economic Leadership Outlook survey has positioned us as a primary source of trusted data and we always employ ethical and best practices when conducting our research projects to ensure unbiased outcomes.


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